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Future of Manipur lies in the hands of the youth, says Education Minister Th Radheshyam
IFP Bureau | Updated: November 28, 2019 11:33:49 am

“The future of Manipur is in the hands of the young innovative minds, they need to take a step forward and show the whole world that the Stat can contribute to the field of science and technologies with innovations,” said education minister Th Radheshyam.

The chief guest of the inaugural function of the three-day ‘40th State Level Science, Mathematics and Environment Exhibition for Children’ held at TG Higher Secondary School, Imphal on Thursday was speaking to the exhibitors and participants of the exhibition.   

Continuing his speech, the minister said the young generation should know that the profound meaning of sustainable is “meeting the needs of the present generation and at the same time preserving for the future generation.” It also has become an enchanting word nowadays, he said.

He asserted that not only bookish education but innovative minds along with science and technology are the primary source for creating sustainable means for the future. The technology which we are enjoying is the result of the hard research work done by innovative minds in the past, likewise, students need to come up with innovative ideas and create a brighter future, he added.  

With the advancement of technology, scientists have come up with innovative ideas and started researching how to increase the lifespan of humans by using nanotechnology, claimed Radheshyam. Natural calamities occur when people do not maintain a harmonious relationship with the environment, he said. The world is not only for human beings but also for every living species, he added.  

He pointed out that the main elements needed for sustaining life is air, water, and electricity, and further asked the young minds to come up with innovative ideas to make these elements sustainable. Radheshyam also lauded the exhibitors when he noticed that all the projects were authentic.

Additional director of Education, Ch Shachi, while giving the keynote speech, appealed the teachers, who have science backgrounds, to let the students know how science is relevant to our day-to-day life and to teach how to use the global resource sustainably.

The exhibition was organised to popularise sustainable agriculture practice, cleanliness and health, resource management and industrial development, better transport and communication, educational games, mathematics modeling, and others, she added.

The function was attended by the commissioner of Education (S), Kh Raghumani as president and director of Education (S), Th Kirankumar as the guest of honour. 

The event was organised under the theme of ‘Science and Technology for Sustainable Development’ by the science unit of the department of Education (school) in collaboration with NCERT, for students from classes nine to twelve.

A total of 55 model exhibitors (students) and 25 participants of work experience came from various schools of Manipur are taking part in the exhibition. 15 selected model exhibitors and 5 selected participants of work experience camp will be sent to Kolkata in January 2020 to participate in the Eastern India Science Fair.

The selected model exhibitors and participants of work experience camp will be taking part in the Jawaharlal Nehru National Science, Mathematics and Environment Exhibition.

A science seminar was conducted at the school premises on the topic ‘Periodic Table of Elements’ before the inaugural function of the exhibition. Professor, department of Chemistry, Manipur University N Rajmuhon Singh was the speaker of the seminar and former dean of DM College of Science, G Tomba Sharma also attended the seminar.

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