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Former MP Th Meinya clarifies his stand on CA
IFP Bureau | Updated: January 14, 2020 22:26:12 pm

Former MP Thokchom Meinya clarified that he did not participate in a public rally held recently at Khonghampat in support of the Citizenship Act.

He gave this statement during a press conference held at Congress Bhawan on Tuesday. The clarification was made based on news published in one of the local newspapers about his presence in the rally.

Meinya said that being a member of the Congress party, he did not support CA at any cost and did not take part in any rally organised in support of it. However, in one of local dailies it was informed that the former MP had attended the rally.

The daily later clarified that the report was a misquotation of information available to them.

He further said despite its clarification similar misquotation was made again in one of the dailies. This has led him to clarify to the public through the media about his non-involvement in the rally.

About the role played by the Congress party opposing the CA, he said that from the very beginning the Congress is against it.  To oppose CA was one of the agenda of the party in the run up to the previous Lok Sabha election.

It was all due to the efforts of the Congress party that Citizenship Amendment Bill (now CAA) was not passed in the Rajya Sabha in the earlier session, he added and further stated that he did not change his stand against CA even today.

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