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‘COVID-19 patient stayed in self-quarantine on arrival in Imphal’
IFP Bureau | First Published: March 25, 2020 14:27:32 pm
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-By Paojel Chaoba

The 23-year-old COVID-19 patient in Manipur, the first confirmed case of coronavirus infection in Northeast on Tuesday, kept herself under self-quarantine soon after she arrived in Imphal with her brother on March 21, sources said.

The girl, who is now kept under isolation at JNIMS quarantine facility, Imphal, “never tried to hide her travel history” and quarantined herself and her brother who joined her at Kolkata from the US and travelled together to Imphal since their arrival here, her relative said in a telephonic conversation to the Imphal Free Press

The relative, who is also currently kept under quarantine, revealed that the victim’s visa was about to expire in March and on their arrival, she and her brother was kept in solitary confinement on the second floor of her house in Imphal.

“Her tickets were purchased in advance long back, her visa is to expire on March and she was due to come home, she and her brother travelled from abroad and met at Kolkata on March 19. They arrived in Imphal on March 21 and came out after going through all proper verifications and checks at the airport,” her relative said.

The relative explained that they were supposed to hire a taxi and come but then the lockdown was under initiation and her father received them at the airport and brought them home in a car.

“They did not stop nor meet anyone on the way, on arrival at the residence,” the relative said, adding she asked them not to get too close to her and her brother.

“They went straight to the second floor of the house and had kept themselves under quarantine. We kept the needful items there in advance. We even gave food in disposable plates and never met them as the 14 days were mandatory,” she said.

“Only after the second day, she vomited and started showing signs of fever and it was then we contacted the Health department,” the relative added.

The girl’s family members said that what is being floated around in social media that she came out to buy food or attend a wedding are baseless rumours.

A neighbour said that they have not seen her for a long time and their family leads an isolated lifestyle.

The locality has also taken extensive care and social distancing is being practiced. A shopkeeper in the area, Jhulonjao said that the curfew imposed by the government is fine, but supplies in the area are running low.

“Unless the government prepare a measure to provide supplies, we will be falling on very hard times,” he said.   

Meanwhile, the entrance to the locality has been sealed as in the case of several localities in Imphal valley. Besides the government’s orders, local authorities have taken the initiative of preventing the spread of COVID-19. Residents are advised not to move out of their homes and visitors to the localities are also restricted in most localities.

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