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Coronavirus: Manipur, are we prepared?
IFP Bureau | First Published: February 19, 2020 02:24:16 am
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By Jimmy Pamei

The Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) which emerged at the end of 2019 is now taking its toll in China at an alarming rate, and spreading widely across the globe. Manipur, including the entire districts in the valley and the hills, are close to it . No excuse. The state is connected to Assam, Nagaland, Mizoram; and it neighbours Myanmar, Thailand and other Asian countries that can pass on the virus at any time.

Studying the world map, Manipur is only some thousands kilometers away from Wuhan, capital of Hubei province of China where the deadly disease is said to have originated. It is likely to be ‘very soon arriving’ to this tiny part of the world. And this is serious!

Is all the district administrations and the medical department doing beyond the Advisories given out by the Health Department of Manipur? Are we prepared with a ‘Quarantine Hall’ in case a district has even a single case of Coronavirus? Are we making efforts to screen persons arriving or returning from metro cities, or other places of India and the world to our districts?

We cannot afford to be a mere sitting duck. It is high time we do something about it. We simply cannot be complacent or wait for the appearance of the first case of Covid-19 to swing into action. Let us press a pause button to other issues of development, even education and focus ourselves on protection of our lives.

Coronavirus is a threatening matter. It could wipe out the entire population along with our precious cultural heritage. Each district of Manipur can be a giant model to other districts if we take a small step today!

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