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Congress vows resolution against CAA in Assam
IFP Bureau | First Published: January 3, 2020 21:58:00 pm
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The Congress party will ensure that the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) is not implemented in Assam, former chief minister Tarun Gogoi said on Friday in Guwahati.

Gogoi, speaking to reporters in the city, said that the party will bring a resolution in the Assam Legislative Assembly session on January 13 to ensure that the Assam Accord is not violated or diluted in any way by the CAA.

“The Assam Accord must be implemented in letter and spirit and should not be diluted in any way. The CAA has violated the Accord and the Preamble of our Constitution, leading to widespread agitations across the country,” he said.

The government has called for a special session of the state assembly on January 13 for constitutional ratification of the extension of reservations for scheduled tribes and castes.

“If the ruling BJP brings the resolution against the implementation of CAA, we will support it but if they do not, then we will place it in the house,” Gogoi said, emphasizing the need to discuss the issue in the house.

Accusing the Sonowal government of adopting double standard and repressive measures to curb the protest against CAA, Gogoi said,
“we are very clear that anyone who has come after March 24, 1971 should be detected and deported and this means even those who have come during our tenure”.

Also accusing Sonowal of betraying his voters, Gogoi said, “He is the greatest betrayer”. He also said that the “BJP is undemocratic and determined to destroy the unity and integrity of the nation”.

(With inputs from agencies)

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