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Climate Change Townhall held in Churachandpur
IFP Bureau | First Published: November 16, 2019 22:17:15 pm

Students and community must take proactive role in “making wildlife acts gain meaningful value” for the protection of flora and fauna in Churachandpur district, said an official at a Climate Change Townhall organised in the district.

A ‘Climate Change Townhall’ was organised on Saturday in Churachandpur district by the Integrated Mountain Initiative in partnership with Centre for Community Initiative and Nest Lamka.

Speaking on the occasion, assistant commissioner, Pu Ginmuan Ngaihte, MCS highlighted the various legal provisions enacted by the government to protect the environment. He urged the students and community to take proactive role in making these acts gain meaningful value for the protection of flora and fauna in the district, a release stated. 

The students shared their ideas on the impact of climate change in the town of Churachandpur and gave suggestions on how to address some of them, it stated. The common concern which emerged from the session included deforestation, drying streams and springs, menace of single-use plastic, waste management and the need to balance ecology and development, it added.  

Pu CT Lian exhorted the students to take practical initiatives at the household and individual level to prepare for climate change adaptation while Pu Gouzamang Guite shared innovative ideas on community partnership to address the growing plastic problem, it further said.  

The workshop acknowledged the need for greater partnership between various stakeholders including elected representatives, students, community and highlighted the crucial role of sensitising young people to create a cleaner, greener and healthier town, it added.

The event was supported by the department of Science and Technology (DST), government of India and IHCAP of Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), said a release. Students from various schools attended the workshop on climate change which was moderated by MDCs CT Lian and Gouzamang Guite, it said. 

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