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Disastrous effect of spreading rumours

For a better tomorrow, let us all cooperate and learn to act in a mature and more responsible manner during this pandemic.

Nagaland and the governor’s indignation

When one closely reads in between the lines, one may also infer that RN Ravi’s step has been prompted by his own experience of taking the powers of a governor seriously under Article 371 A(1) (B) of the Constitution of India.

Corruption: A National Security Issue

It will not be wrong to say that the custom or tradition of Corruption may call the second-oldest profession.

Criminalization of drug use: Is it a solution?

Drug users are being criminalized in most countries. They have to face severe penalties or imprisonment of 25 years in some countries. Yet again the penalty differs from one country to another country.

Pandemic, economic recovery and the signs on the wall

The IMF report estimates that growth this year is at -4.9 per cent, or nearly two percentage points below projections in April, indicating that the recession will be deeper and recovery slower.