The COVID-19 Conundrum: Between Scylla of losing lives and Charybdis of losing livelihoods

Manipur’s situation is not yet alarming, but there is also no room for complacency.

When the pretty birds have flown

Does the soul indeed finds peace up above and feels utmost satisfaction when the final rituals are conducted and the guests enjoy a lavish spread thereafter?

It’s all about timing

The giving of loans to 1269 vendors of different districts was Manipur CM Biren's perfect birthday gift for PM Modi and perfectly timed.

IFP Breaking Point
Women returnees turn to weaving for living amid pandemic in Manipur’s Tamenglong

Today, amid the Covid-19 scenario, the art of traditional weaving is gaining popularity as more and more women, including women returnees, are taking to weaving for a living with no job in hand.

Dancing with the times

It is important that composers and performers cater to the demand of the time. But the question is how to maintain a fine balance without losing the essence.