Why the Northeast must implement the Eco-Niwas Samhita

In an era of the climate crisis, the energy-inefficient construction sector must implement the green building code

The aftershocks of the reshuffle

there is no hard and fast rule that experience matters in being considered for the post of a minister here.

Irrelevance of 66 MW Loktak downstream hydroelectric project in Manipur

The increased irrationality of hydel projects as energy source amid the growing viability of alternative options like solar energy need be carefully considered to achieve energy sustainability in Manipur.

Ministry Reshuffle: What Timing!

The reshuffle of the ministry have put the CM in the driver’s seat, literally throwing out those who are seen as inimical to him within and outside the party but the path is strewn with thorns and it can cause to stumble; at great risk to the government and the state and its people.

IFP Breaking Point
Villagers spend sleepless night fighting locust attack in Manipur's Khambi village

The villagers have sought the intervention of the department concerned to control the invasion and destruction of their crops.