Trapped birds, stranded animals rescued and released

The Joint Coordination Committee on Wildlife and Biodiversity (JCCWB), Manipur handed over the rescued stranded animals to the forest department.

Fall armyworm invades Wahong cornfield in Ukhrul district

Fall armyworms have now invaded a cornfield at Wahong village in Mushuru area, north of Ukhrul town in Ukhrul District, Manipur.

Biological Diversity: Seedlings planted for COVID-19 patients

If environmental dilapidation is continued at the current rate, mankind will require two earths by 2030.

The link that binds agricultural products and renewable resources

Private companies have been disposed to reconsider domestic agricultural resources as alternative materials for manufacturing processes.

Man's special relationship with Earth: Growth at what cost?

The current trend and trajectory of developmental practices will have serious consequences for the diversity not just of the region but for the globe as a whole.