Stop mining operation in hills: Committee on climate change tells governments

Several scientists have warned that the Eastern Himalayan will be the most vulnerable due global climate crisis, therefore, it is high time for the Government and mining companies to rethink, revisit and stop the mining across the hill ranges of Manipur, the committee said.

Is the use of pesticide killing honeybees in Ukhrul forest?

The pesticides which have fallen on flowers and plants are collected along with the pollen and nectars by the bees... This could result in the slow death of the bees.

Tree plantation drive: Men in uniform go green in Imphal valley

Assam Rifles personnel planted a total of 815 saplings of multiple varieties, mostly fruit, flower bearing and other saplings on Saturday.

Protection committee condemns damage of paddy fields

"The construction of a multipurpose dam by the department of Minor Irrigation at Naharup Loukol is the major factor behind the destruction of the paddy field."

Christian missionaries, evangelists plant 1,000 tree saplings at Elijah Prayer Mountain in Churachandpur

The missionaries and evangelists of the Kuki Baptist Convention (KBC) and the Convention Mission Board (CMB) under the aegis of Mission and Evangelism, KBC India planted tree saplings and held whole night prayer at Elijah Prayer Mountain, Gothol village in Churachandpur.