Thousands of tree saplings planted across Manipur

Over 6,000 saplings have been planted in the presence of Forest department personnel

River flood water destroys paddy fields in Manipur's Hoomi village

The fields are now inundated with sands and silts from the Vatthei river. Large portions of the field have been washed away by the flood.

Hundreds of fruit-bearing tree saplings planted to save Manipur's Heirok village

A local environment group aims is to turn Heirok into a green village and led the plantation of fruit-bearing trees and medicinal plant saplings.

Farmers in Meghalaya get subsidized seeds

Apart from the normal scheme both the horticulture and agriculture departments have also increased the distribution of seeds of rice and vegetables to the farmers.

Plastic Bag Free Day in Manipur: Forest staff collect plastic wastes

Range forest officer Kakching Naorem Munal Meitei said that although the observation was started in 1965 worldwide, the target had not been achieved so far.