Coffee Cultivation in the Northeast: A Re-appraisal

Coffee is grown in the Northeast India under Agro-forestry which is said to produce quality coffee and coupled with traditional system of cultivation pans chemical inputs in the soil, the coffee can be categorized as ‘Default organic coffee’.

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Manipur wetlands fast vanishing due to human activities

'Manipur has lost many wetlands and the few remaining ones are on the verge of extinction due to immense impact brought on by human activities'.

Indian Agriculture and Covid Impact: Post lockdown holds huge scope for building seamless ecosystem

Post the Covid adversity, 2020 will no doubt be a year full of challenges, with various issues to resolve. Among the list, there is a need to look at preserving the role of women in agriculture.

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How dams are far more damaging than beneficial in Manipur

The dams which were constructed in rivers of Manipur have severely affected the livelihood and availability and accessibility of water in Manipur. In the river where the dam is constructed, it affects both upstream and downstream villagers.

Aggrieved farmers seek PM’s intervention in destruction of standing crops at airport

Standing crops (rice) were destroyed by the Airport Authority of India and the Manipur police on September 9, 10 and 11, 2020 at Ningombam village, Imphal West.