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Bolivian artistes enthrall Manipur: Music, dance provide vast cultural glimpse of society, says Governor Najma Heptulla
Updated: Nov 7, 2019, 10:23 GMT-0530 | Editor
Bolivian artistes


Manipur Governor Najma Heptulla said that music brings out the traditional richness and beauty of the people as Bolivian artistes enthralled music lovers in Manipur with Latin American music on Thursday.

“Music brings out the traditional richness and beauty of the people through the language of common and unassuming people. Music and dance provide not only a cultural and traditional glimpse of society but also reflect its vast image,” Najma Heptulla said

Heptullah was speaking as the chief guest at a musical performance by Bolivian artistes, Jenny Cardenas and The Bolivian Capihuaras at Manipur Film Development Society (MSFDS) Auditorium, Palace Compound, Imphal. 

Organising such musical concert from a foreign country will help in enhancing the popularity of music, the governor said.

The musical concert by the renowned singers of Bolivia will help in exchanging valuable views and promote the diverse cultural activities of the country in general and the State in particular, she added. 

Heptulla expressed confidence that the endeavour of Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) to keep performing various musical concerts will disseminate message to the people of the country as a whole for bringing peace and harmony in the society. 

The governor also congratulated ICCR for hosting Latin America Festival in different parts of the country and for presenting the concert in Manipur with collaboration with the department of Art and Culture, government of Manipur. Such kind of cultural exchange programmes will strengthen the relationship between India and rest of the globe, she added.

The musical event was presented by ICCR, regional office, Shillong in collaboration with the department of art and culture. Padmashree, Elam Indira Devi attended the function as the guest of honour, while regional director, Indian Council for Cultural Relations, Shillong, N. Munish Singh also attended among others.

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