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Belief systems hamper immunization of children in Arunachal Pradesh
IFP Bureau | First Published: December 18, 2019 18:09:28 pm
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Customary laws and belief systems play a strong role in influencing the lives of the people in society, sometimes adversely as in the case of Arunachal Pradesh with regard to the immunization of children. Mixed belief systems and lack of awareness among the people are the main reason for low vaccination coverage in the state, a health official said.

Arunachal Pradesh, under the Universal Immunization Programme, set a target of more than 90 per cent coverage by 2020. But the state reported low vaccination coverage. According to a coverage evaluation survey, only 78 per cent of children in the state are covered against the national average of 87 per cent.

The survey was conducted in 13 districts of the state in 2018. Six districts had immunization coverage of over 70 per cent and five districts had more than 60 per cent coverage. However, Longding and Upper Subansiri districts had less than 40 per cent coverage, State Immunization Officer (National Health Mission) Dr D Padung said in a report.

The state’s target to vaccinate more than 90 per cent of the children who were yet to be vaccinated failed due to lack of awareness, Medical Officer (Immunization) Dr Tage Taka said, adding that parents fear adverse effect following immunization (AEFI).

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