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ASUK lambast MP RK Ranjan for ‘irresponsible’ remarks
IFP Bureau | First Published: January 22, 2020 01:29:25 am
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Severely criticising the comments made by MP RK Ranjan during a speech on January 19, the proscribed Alliance for Socialist Unity, Kangleipak (ASUK) has said that the MP is either out of his mind or is trying to shirk from his responsibilities by making such remarks in public.  

In a statement the AKSU has said that the MP had observed that teachers and students alike should work to make the state progressive, but this was a clear understatement as the MP had failed to accept that political parties and electoral politics play a role that is detrimental to the system.  

Ninety-nine per cent of the failure in the system are brought about by those responsible for ruling the state and that includes people like MP RK Ranjan, it said.  

The main points enumerated by the MP were drugs use among the youth, extremism, and public agitations spilling out onto the streets and he named loss of respect for elders and the inability of the parents to have proper control over their wards, it said adding that all the three were social and political issues and were the creations of the political class. The statement also blamed the MP of misleading the public by making such observations.

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The drugs problem has been so rampant in the past 200 years that two wars named the Opium War were fought in China during 1839-42 and 1856-58, it said while stating that today Manipur was part of the region where a war on drugs has been proclaimed.

Various measures have been taken up in the USA, Philippines, and the US had taken forward the war on drugs to Panama and the Central and South American regions although it is hard to say how far the war on drugs has been successful, the statement noted further stating that many arrests, executions and extra-judicial killings had taken place in an effort to control the drugs menace.

The MP had no knowledge of the facts and figures and had most casually remarked that the drugs problem was because of the parents not counselling their wards properly although it is widely accepted now and known that the drugs problem is a social disease with the World Health Organisation having already rescinded on its diagnosis of drugs use as a illness.

On the issue of extremism, the statement observed that there was no difference between what the MP had stated and what the government of India had been saying, with both of them blaming the older generation for giving wrong education to the younger youths in the matter of extremist struggle.

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This would mean that RK Ranjan is censuring the motive of even those who had passed away in the past for having influenced the younger people adversely, including people like Lamyanba Irabot and his parents. Would it be proper for the MP to believe that his observations were superior to the wisdom of the people of his own generation or those who had passed away earlier, the statement asked while mentioning that thousands of young people had died for this cause.

The statement also sought to tell the MP that the issue of extremism was a political issue and not just a matter of the elders and parents not educating their children properly as the extremist movement was 70 years old and not just a recent happening.

On the MP’s remark on the frequent agitations in the state, which also the MP blamed the parents and elders for, the statement from ASUK said MP Ranjan’s party, the BJP, had allowed students of Class V to support the CAA in Gujarat and maybe the MP believes that the same should happen in Manipur too.

The MP failed to recognise the fact that agitations are the natural outcome of the wrong policies or lack of transparency in the work of the ruling government and the onus is on people like the MP to make this fact known to all, it asserted.

The agitations over the ILP, CAA , CAB, and the MU VC controversy came about as the populace, including the students, was apprehensive about the position the state would be put in and in agitations like the MU controversy it was not that the students lacked guidance from their parents but it was because the BJP could not handle the issue firmly and squarely.

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