Monday, April 06, 2020


Imphal Free Press (IFP) was established in April 1996 as an English daily in the broadsheet format with the motto ‘Achumbana Yaifare’ (Truth Always Triumphs). Since its foundation and inception in 1996, the newspaper has drawn wide and reasonable readership. True to its motto, IFP has kept its destined objectives intact and has always stood for the freedom of expression based on truth. Over the years, IFP has not only produced and mentored skilled journalists and mediapersons but also helped and shaped their visions for the future. Despite its ups and down in the face of competitive pressures towards media ownership and control, IFP has been able to withstand the strain and influence public opinion with its fearless brand of journalism and credibility. It has gained rich experience to renew, reshape and revive itself. The IFP team now aims to set the pace, tenor and texture of fearless news dissemination through its online and print editions.

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