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A time to rule, a time to resign
IFP Bureau | First Published: December 18, 2019 00:25:54 am
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A Z Phizo, the father of Naga independence movement started the Naga struggle under the banner of Naga National Council (NNC) and continues the struggle led by Isak and Muivah under the banner of National Socialist Council of Nagalim NSCN (IM) and is responsible for the present extensive final settlement dialogue with the Government of India (GOI).

The Coordination Committee on Manipur Integrity (COCOMI) spearheads against any threat to the Manipur disintegration and different status to the Nagas of Manipur to be incorporated on the final peace pact. The Nagas of Manipur are not part or share the platform of the COCOMI. The COCOMI without consultation or consent of the Nagas profess that the people of Manipur are for integrity and against administrative changes on the Naga issue settlement clauses.

Having such a situation, the Naga MLAs ought to mandatorily follow the directive of the apex Naga public council of Manipur, the United Naga Council (UNC), to refrain attending the December 18,2019 Manipur legislative Assembly session, come what may. On the other hand, not as a matter of advice, the whole Naga tribe are behind the UNC, and that the UNC does not beat around the bush as it is the most opportune time to come out with a road map and assert and interact with the COCOMI that the Nagas of Manipur had shed blood, sweat and tears with the rest of Nagas and it “deserve” what is due to them.

On this count, if situation demands the Naga members of Manipur Legislative Assembly (MLA) should resign for the Naga cause. This extraordinary step should broadly be viewed in the context that every MLA and Member, District Council (MDC) pledges to work for the betterment of the people: developmentally, socially, culturally and politically, irrespective of political party they are associated. For the Naga MLAs and MDCs in the present situation, the unresolved Naga political issue is the first and topmost issue and it override any other interest or issue.

The Nagas are matured in politics. The Naga politics does not base on deception. They know their limitations. To top it, their struggle is based on historical truth. India and the world recognises these facts as may come across from the TV channels, write up by eminent Indian scholars, writers, journalists and international civil organisations.

Yours faithfully,

Patrick A Kolakhe

(Convener)Shepoumaramth Rights Watchdog

Tadubi Bazar, Senapati District.

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