43th foundation day of PLA observed

The organisation along with the public widely observed the 43th Foundation Day across Manipur by erecting festoons with stars as well as putting up the Red Star of the PLA.

The proscribed Revolutionary People’s Front (RPF) has announced that the 43th Foundation Day of its military wing People’s Liberation Army (PLA) was observed at its general headquarters, tactical command, strategic command, 252, mobile battalion, other military units, departments, stations as well as central bureau, SR-1, SR-2, SR-3, SR-4 on Saturday.

It was observed by paying respects to the flag of the organisation and paying homage to the leaders who laid down their lives in the struggle to bring independence for the motherland, RPF stated in a release signed by its deputy secretary, publicity Roben Khuman. However, the observation was held in a low key affair for this year in solidarity to the people of the state which has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic that has spread all across the globe, RPF stated.  

It stated that at Division 2,4,6,8 and 10 under the Central Bureau, the organisation along with the public widely observed the 43th Foundation Day across Manipur by erecting festoons with stars as well as putting up the Red Star of the PLA.   

On this day, commemorating the flag of the organisation and paying homage to the freedom fighters who gave their lives for the cause of the self-determination movement, and reading out the message of RPF president Irengbam Chaoren to the public marked the main highlights of the celebration, it stated.  

In connection to the president’s message on the foundation day, he drew special attention of the public to the prevalence of COVID-19 and its many variants and how the matter is debated by experts. He stressed that no country is completely free from the disease.  

It is well known by all how the pandemic has severely affected on a global scale in terms of education, travel, trade and commerce between countries as well as in the field of tourism, he stated.  He pointed out that despite all the measures undertaken by the governments, the pandemic has not been completely contained yet, RPF stated.   

Although Europe and the US have advanced and adequate health facilities and are putting massive funds in the health sector to fight the pandemic, they still remain the worst affected countries in the world, it stated.  The pandemic has ravaged Manipur to the maximum and the public are bearing the brunt together. Due to ignoring the basic rules and protocols of the pandemic in the name of ‘Liberty’, the people are facing fatalities, it further stated, adding in order to avoid these scenarios in Manipur, the people have to follow the COVID-19 SOPs set by the experts, and take part in eradicating the virus from the face of the earth by getting vaccinated.  

While the people are at disadvantage and struggling to cope with the drawbacks caused by the pandemic, spreading disinformation concerning the disease and using it as a means to make political manoeuvres and a tool to garner votes by Political Parties must be stopped, RPF cautioned.  

Although Joe Biden in his public speeches alleged that more than 4 lakh people lost their lives due to the blunders and wrong decisions of former US president Donald Trump in combating the pandemic, more than 2 lakh people have died of COVID-19 so far in the US after Trump left White House in January 2021, it further stated.   

“In a pandemic, there is no particular person to throw blame on and everyone has a role to play by cooperation, and all has to face the consequences, be it good or bad. Therefore, instead of finger pointing, we must think of fighting it by coming together in unity,” RPF stated.    

“In a small society like ours, we must extend help to one another by giving support in all fields and correcting one another. This is the only way to fight the pandemic and we have no other options,” it added.

Lastly, this message in connection with the 43rd Foundation Day of PLA, RPF prays that all the indigenous communities that have been settling together in Manipur become united and able to strive more to make advancements, and bring success and peace. The organisation also extends heartfelt condolences to the public who have suffered untold miseries due to the pandemic and shares their loss and pain, it stated.

RPF highly commends and offers its highest respects to all those involved in taking huge roles to fight the pandemic, it added.       

First Published:Sept. 25, 2021, 9:18 p.m.

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