Senior journalist assaulted in Meghalaya

Members of the press fraternity in Meghalaya have strongly condemned the assault on the senior journalist

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A senior journalist in Meghalaya was assaulted while covering a sit-in-demonstration organized on Monday. Members of the press fraternity have strongly condemned the incident.

The sit-in-protest sponsored by the KSU, FKJGP, HNYF & RBYF was held at U Kiang Nangbah memorial in Barik point to express resentment against the state government’s adamant attitude towards the demand for immediate suspension of top police officials for ensuring a free and fair investigation into the death of former HNLC leader Cherishterfield Thangkhiew on August 13.

In a statement, the Shillong Press Club (SPC) said it took with uttermost seriousness and annoyance, the unprovoked manhandling of a senior journalist today morning.

It also stated that immediate intervention by leaders of the four organisations and subsequent conversation with the SPC and a few functionaries culminated into an understanding that the culprits will be identified and irrespective of their allegiance will be dealt with appropriately.

SPC gratefully welcomed the prompt response of the organisers who publicly condemned this intimidating stunt of the miscreants with the senior journalist at the venue itself and apologized to him as well.


First Published:Sept. 21, 2021, 8:30 a.m.

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