11 political parties to launch agitations in Manipur from September 20 till 30

A statewide general strike on September 24 and 27 was announced by 11 political parties in Manipur.


Decrying the BJP-led Manipur government for several alleged failures, 11 political parties, including the AIFB, AITC, BSP, CPI, CPI (M), INC, JD(S), MPP, NCP, PRJA and the RSP on Saturday announced to launch a series of agitations in the state starting from September 20 till 30.

A statewide general strike on September 24 and 27 was also announced.  

The series of agitations were called in support of the 11-day nationwide protest called by 19 opposition parties against the various failures of the Modi-led government, said vice-president of Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) T Mangibabu while speaking to the media at the headquarter office of MPCC in Imphal on Saturday. 

He alleged that the reputation and fame of the country brought by the dedication and efforts of the past leaders were tarnished by the Modi government.

Further alleging that the BJP government had totally destroyed the fabric of secularism by becoming a 'pro Hindu Raj' government, he said it has provided fear and apprehensions among the Muslim and other minority communities. 

The BJP government is implementing the ideology of ‘survival of the fittest’ and it does not give any room for the poor, he said.

“If we do not act against such radical rule of the BJP, the future of the nation will be in peril,” he added. 

Indian democracy is considered as the largest democracy in the world, however, in reality, the BJP government is implementing a dictatorial form of government, said national executive member of CPI-M Nara, citing the frequent arrest of journalists who spoke out against the government.

Rules and laws do not apply to the BJP, he further said, citing the breaking of the Covid appropriate behaviours during each and every government function and BJP's function.

He said by snatching the rights of the common public which are ensured by the Indian Constitution, it had been giving its full emphasis on the corporate sectors, which are their source of funding during elections. 

Shortening of the sitting days of the State Assembly and Parliament clearly shows that the BJP government does not give opportunity to discuss the public issues and ignored the grievances of the public, he added. 

Mentioning the grievances faced by the general public such as the skyrocketing price of essential commodities, introduction of the anti-farmers bill, privatising of public sectors and others, Nara questioned, “How long shall we tolerate such drastic rule of the BJP-led government?”

Seeking public support in the agitation which will be taken up against the failure of the government, he said, “We need to act against this to save the future generation from such rule of the BJP.”

When asked about formation of any pre-polls alliance among those 11 political parties, Manipur State secretary of CPI L Sotinkumar replied that as of now there is no plan of forming a pre-poll alliance. The scheduled agitations are clearly called in public interests. It is not related to any election agenda, he added.

First Published:Sept. 18, 2021, 9:33 p.m.

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