YAS minister inspects Sahei village football ground in Moreh

The minister said the Sahei village football ground in Moreh will be developed to the best standards

Youth Affairs and Sports Minister Letpao Haokip visited the border town Moreh and inspected the football ground at Sahei Village, Moreh. He said the village football ground will be developed to the best standards soon.

Pointing out that sports can mould the youths of the town in a good way, he said that only sports can make the youths free from drugs and bad habits. Sports can make the youths healthy and make them good citizens of the nation. He pointed out that good infrastructure for sports is needed at the border town.

Wife of the Sahei Village chief presented a traditional shawl to Letpao Haokip; president, Border Trade and Chamber of Commerce V Shekhar and Pallathadka chancellor, Manipur International University Dr Harikumar.

Minister Letpao Haokip also inspected the condition of the wooden bridge at Khujairok river between Moreh Ward No VI and VII. He said that the bridge is in a deplorable condition, and the condition of the retaining wall at the foot of the bridge is mostly damaged.

Assuring that the bridge will be repaired soon, he said that he will highlight the condition of the bridge to the chief minister, and it will be repaired from any available funds.

First Published:Aug. 30, 2021, 10:01 a.m.

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