KSO elects new president for term 2021-24

Lunngaihsang Vaiphei alias Sasang Vaiphei was elected as new president of KSO-GHQ.


The Kuki Students' Organisation (KSO) General Headquarters elected its president along with five cabinet posts in the general election for the term 2021-24 held on Saturday at Kuki Inpi Churachandpur (KIC) office complex at Tuibong, Churachandpur district.

Lunngaihsang Vaiphei alias Sasang Vaiphei was elected as president of KSO-GHQ. The voting was done online by district KSO executives, sister organisations, city branches of KSO, KSO incumbent executives, KSO Karbi Anglong and NC hills.

Other elected executive members of KSO-GHQ were Doumang, Jangkhosei Touthang, Thanglenmoi Haokip, Boiling Lungdim and Seiminthang Haokip as vice-president, general secretary, education secretary, finance secretary and information secretary respectively.

The general election was conducted by the Standing Committee members of KSO-GHQ where Jangmang Haokip acted as presiding officer and Haopu Khongsai as returning officer. Prior to the election, a formal function was held at KIC complex led by the standing committee.

The general election was also attended by executives of KIC, Kuki Khanglai Lompi Churachandpur, Kuki Women's Union and other sister organisations.

First Published:Aug. 28, 2021, 9:22 p.m.

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