Manipur Secretariat employees' associations launch cease-work strike

The associations protested against the state government for failure to meet their demands before the given dateline.

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The Manipur Secretariat employees' associations on Tuesday launched a cease work strike as the state government has crossed the deadline in fulfilling the demands made.

On August 3, the Manipur Secretariat Services Association (MSSA) along with the Manipur Secretariat (non-ministerial) Drivers Association submitted a memorandum with a list of charter of demands to Chief Minister N Biren.

The memorandum was submitted as an ultimatum to fulfil the charter of demands mentioned in the MoU signed on April 21 and its zero outcomes. They have been waiting for a good result out of it for the last three months, however, no development has occurred till date, said the association.

The memorandum also mentioned some of the list of charter of demands that included equal pay for all secretariat assistants; 3-tier system in pay scales of drivers; filling up of all promotional vacancies; payment of dearness allowance (DA) 28 per cent; grade pay rectification in respect of ASO, SO and private secretaries etc and re-designation of group-D employees.

MSSA general secretary Purujit Lairikyengbam said that the associations were told to hold a meeting with the Manipur Government Services’ Federation (MGSF) and the Manipur State Pensioners’ Union (MSPU) in May second week this year but it was not done so.

He said that during the pandemic, the Central government has paid 11 per cent DA with effect from July 1 this year completing 28 per cent, whereas the state government employees are stuck at 7 per cent, which is a large gap. With the price hike in petroleum products and essential commodities, the state government should fulfil the demands immediately.

He further said that employees under the umbrella of MSSA attended their departments normally but no office work was carried out. The association is disappointed in the government for not converting it into action after the MoU was signed.

Demanding the same, the employees under the umbrella of MGSF have supported the cease work that was launched on Tuesday. In addition to the cease work strike, the employees will start sit-in-protest in front of their respective departments, said Purujit.  

First Published:Aug. 17, 2021, 11:18 p.m.

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