‘Farmers fail to get subsidised fertilisers as most of them are tenants’

MPCC member Deben said that as most of the farmers in the valley areas are tenants, they face inconvenience while producing documents of the paddy fields to avail the fertilisers

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As most of the farmers in Manipur are tenants, they fail to produce proper documents of paddy fields and and face problems in availing the fertilisers provided by the state government, said Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) co-opted member Achoibam Deben. He was speaking while distributing the old aged and widow pension to the people of Challou, Lamlai, Napet and Pungdongbam on Wednesday. He has been regularly distributing the monthly pension to the people of the said area in remembrance of his late mother, Achoibam ongbi Ibemhal Devi.

Deben said that as most of the farmers are tenants, they face inconvenience while producing proper documents of paddy fields. Due to this reason, they faced various issues while getting the fertilisers that the government has been distributing from time to time at subsidised rate.

On the other hand, the state government issued an order that it is mandatory to produce proper identification documents by farmers for the paddy lands where the farmers are doing cultivation, he added.
To avoid such an issue, the state government should take up an alternative way so that every farmer could easily get the fertilizers at the subsidised rate from time to time, otherwise most of the farmers will face severe issues amid pandemic, said Deben.

During the programme, Deben distributed the monthly pensions from his own expenses to a total of 420 people including old aged and widows. A sum of Rs 200 and Rs 400 each were provided to the old aged and widows respectively.

Councillor of Lamlai Municipal Council; representatives of Lamlai Block Congress Committee; Lamlam Kendra Development Political Forum; Hill Area Development Committee and wife of Deben, Achoibam (O) Renubala Devi also attended the programme.

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First Published:Aug. 12, 2021, 8:22 a.m.

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