‘LNC Manipur never recommended Athuan Abonmai to represent Liangmai people’

Reacting to the recent statement made by Athuan Abonmai regarding the ‘Framework Agreement’, the LNC-M stated in a release that Athuan Abonmai has been excommunicated from the Liangmai community.

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The Liangmai Naga Council, Manipur (LNC-M) has clarified that it has never endorsed or recommended Athuan Abonmai to represent Liangmai people in any forum or public platform.

 “Whatever Athuan Abonmai has uttered in public domain is exclusively his individual opinion and has no relevance in the Liangmai community,” stated a release issued by general secretary LNC-M Paul Chawang on Sunday. 

 LNC-M was responding to the recent statement made by Athuan Abonmai regarding the ‘Framework Agreement’ and Naga Peace talk during a panel discussion of a media house.

The release stated, “It is very ironic to learn that recently, one Athuan Abonmai, a self styled advisor to a defunct organisation called Zeliangrong Baudi was invited for a panel discussion in a reputed media house whereby he lectures upon ‘Framework Agreement’ and Naga peace talk.”

Stating that it is pertinent to know the background of Athuan Abonmai before inviting him to any panel discussion or in public forum in future, the release added that Athuan hails from Machenglong village under Tamei sub -division, Tamenglong district and belongs to the Liangmai tribe.

LNC-M claimed that Athuan is a confused individual who failed in electoral politics despite desperate attempts for the last 15 years due to lack of leadership quality and political immaturity.

Athuan has been excommunicated from the Liangmai community as a whole because of his anti-Liangmai activities, it added.

The LNC further claimed that Athuan Abonmai is being used as a tool to sabotage the public mandate or popular decision of the Liangmai people by some vested elements.

Further, the release stated that LNC-M believes it is the duty-bound of every Nagas to extend solidarity and support for an early, honourable and logical solution based on the ‘Framework Agreement’  which was signed between the NSCN (I-M )and the Central Government on August 3, 2015.

Based on the agreement, the Naga flag and Constitution will be a living document and will reflect the value, philosophy and protect the customs and traditions, land and resources from any form of exploitation, the release stated. LNC-M stood with the ‘Framework Agreement’ as it is a broad parameter of terms of agreement between India and Nagalim to co-exist as two entities and therefore, Naga Flag and Constitution are matters of an accomplished fact, it added.

First Published:Aug. 8, 2021, 9:46 p.m.

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