Meghalaya's COVID-19 death toll climbs to 1,085

At least 12 more people tested positive for COVID-19 in Meghalaya on Saturday.

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Meghalaya on Saturday recorded 12 COVID-19 related deaths, pushing the death toll to 1,085 in the state.

According to Director of Health Services (MI) Dr Aman War, 9 were reported from East Khasi Hills district, 2 from Ri Bhoi district and 1 from West Khasi Hills district.

He said the state also detected 686 new cases. These include 219 in East Khasi Hills, 187 West Khasi Hills, 83 West Garo Hills, 59 West Jaintia Hills, 53 Ri Bhoi, 20 East Jaintia Hills, 12 South Garo Hills, 9 South West Garo Hills, 7 North Garo Hills and 6 East Garo Hills.

Dr War also informed that 499 persons have recovered from the viral infection.

Of these, 127 are from West Garo Hills, 95 East Khasi Hills, 93 Ri Bhoi, 58 South West Khasi Hills, 41 West Khasi Hills, 29 West Jaintia Hills, 13 North Garo Hills, 13 South West Garo Hills, 11 South Garo Hills, 10 East Jaintia Hills and 9 East Garo Hills.

So far, the state has detected a total of 65,000 COVID-19 cases out of which 5,966 are active cases, 57,949 recovered and 1,085 deaths.

With 2,246 active COVID-19 cases, East Khasi Hills, that includes state capital Shillong, is the worst affected district in the state, followed by West Garo Hills with 854 cases and West Jaintia Hills with 693 cases.

There are 674 cases in Ri Bhoi, 642 West Khasi Hills, 304 South West Khasi Hills, 190 East Jaintia Hills, 119 North Garo Hills, 91 East Garo Hills, 88 South Garo Hills and 65 South West Garo Hills.

First Published:Aug. 1, 2021, 12:16 a.m.

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