How can India turn united!

By which audacity can people from certain communities regard themselves as "mainstream" and dare to make a mockery of fellow citizens on the basis of physical features, attire, food habits or culture! Hardly do we hear any news of exemplary punishment meted to those bunch of racists.

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By which wand of magic would "Bharat Jodo Andolan" see the light of the day! Through the mantra of Hindi or Hindutva!

It is indeed highly amusing when calls of "national integration" arrive from mandarins of such a force which simply fail to appreciate or just refuse to acknowledge that the Idea of India extends far far beyond the shallow cesspool of Hindi-Hindutva! How can the proponents of the rabid parochial narrow concept of "Hindi-Hindu-Hindustan" expect to unite the multi-lingual multi-religious diverse heterogeneous country despite traversing the path of linguistic and religious imperialism! What a fatal assault upon the Constitutional ethos of democracy, equality and secularism ! When unity needs to be attained through mutual respect towards all norms of diversity, the vested interests fatally desire to ensure "unity" by uprooting the very heterogeneity which forms the very essence of India! And now Indians will have to learn to be united from that very disintegrating force which has emerged as a threat to India!

How can Bharat be tied up together by demolishing a shrine of a particular religious community through barbaric muscle-flexing and thereafter establishing a temple in the name of an epic hero right upon that very spot where the shrine had existed for centuries! As if to sprinkle salt in their wounds, the victimised community are being asked to welcome the temple in the name of "cultural nationalism"! Are Muslims not part of India? Is Islam not a part of Indian culture? Or the "nationalists" mean to say that one and only Hindus and their "culture" form part of India? How can India be united after infringing upon the dietary habits of Muslims and killing or severely beating many innocents affiliated to that religion on the fictitious charge of possessing beef or smuggling cows! How can the unity of the country be achieved by inventing the mythical concept of "Love jihad" and framing ridiculous laws based upon it when sanity demands that we should encourage more and more inter-religious marriage to see the light of the day! Far from encouraging it, the lights of the world are snatched from the eyes of Afrazool Khan who was burnt alive to death in Rajasthan a few years ago!

Terming Indian and Bengali Muslims as "Pakistanis"/"Bangladeshis", Mamata Banerjee/Mulayam Singh Yadav as "Begam"/"Maulana" for their "sin" of being upright secular, meaningful call of identifying criminals through their dress, barb of "We are 5, Ours 25", equating victims of 2002 Gujarat pogrom with "puppies trampled under cars" to "Shamshan-Kabristan" --- do these statements/attitude point towards "unification" of India? Anybody daring to speak in favour of secularism, equality, religious brotherhood gets promptly trolled as "Sickular" with MM Kalburgis Govind Pansares Gouri Lankeshes getting murdered cold-bloodedly with saffronites celebrating it in social media with devilish relish ! In the run-up to the West Bengal Assembly polls, all civilized humanitarians of the whole country had witnessed in horror to what filthy magnitude can the Who's Who of BJP spew communal venom to "Occupy" the land of Rabindranath Tagore-Kazi Nazrul Islam! How bizarrely can the saffronites make Islam and terrorism synonymous terms! After dividing the country between "Ramzaades" and "*****zaades" with the statement-maker proudly retaining her seat among the Union council of ministers with others from the Cabinet rank religiously threatening the Muslims and secular people to "Go to Pakistan" or felicitating persons accused of murder in the name of "Gomata" --- what  an excellent  message of "Indian unity" relentlessly get displayed! During the campaign of 2017 Gujarat Assembly polls, we all know who warned the electorate not to vote Congress as that would lead to Ahmed Patel becoming the Chief Minister of the state! What can be more communal and anti-Indian from such a mindset!

How can Indian unity be achieved by demonising Christian missionaries who are  rendering selfless  yeoman's service in the field of education and medicine to the marginalised poorest of poor population who have all been left to rot in their own wretched miseries!  

Are the Dalits not part of  India? If the  answer is "Yes", how can Hathras To Una continue to happen in scandalous "consistency"? How can they be killed/assaulted in Gujarat if they dare to sport a moustache, watch a Dandiya spectacle or ride a horse!

How could the "historic" saga revolving Kashmir with stringent clampdown be celebrated in many parts of the country with utmost vulgarity amidst the open desire of purchasing land in the state and marrying fair Kashmiri women? In the name of NRC, it has become a "crime" of sorts to be a Bengali-speaker in India, especially if he/she lives in Assam or carries an Islamic surname! Innumerable Indian Bengalis, irrespective of Hindu or Muslim, are supposedly rotting in detention centres across the state! What about harassment and taunts meted to our fellow citizens from Northeast India in various parts of the country which seems to have no end? By which audacity can people from certain communities regard themselves as "mainstream" and dare to make a mockery of fellow citizens on the basis of physical features, attire, food habits or culture! Hardly do we hear any news of exemplary punishment meted to those bunch of racists.

And last but not the least Bengal! As if "traditional" discrimination against Bengal was not enough( not a single Bengali has been found "eligible" to assume an Union Cabinet berth despite the state gifting as many as 18 MPs), BJP is now going all-out to corner the state as a sort of "revenge" after receiving massive drubbing in the Assembly polls as if it is an "enemy territory"! So instead of lending hand of cooperation towards Bengal in controlling the pandemic; we had seen the dirty tactics of spreading fake videos of post-poll violence in the state (that too directed at Hindus) with demand of President's Rule, CBI raids on alleged corrupt TMC leaders(no question of doing so against their own accused of all sorts of crimes), ridiculous fiasco revolving Alapan Bandyopadhyay (whose service period was extended specifically to tackle the surge of Covid-19 in Bengal), demanding break-up of the state with the very leader desiring North Bengal to be made an Union Territory getting "rewarded" with a berth in Union Council of Ministry! It seems "punishing Bengal" for rejecting BJP through democratic process is more important to the saffron regime than tackling Covid-19!

In this very pathetic tragic perspective where people of certain caste and religion are being looked down upon with certain states being blatantly "demonised" and the fangs of Hindi-Hindu imperialism devouring all norms of diversity in deadly proportion; we are being subjected to the call of "Bharat Jodo Andolan" from the very think-tank which have single-handedly inflicted maximum damage to the Idea of India! Nothing can be more pathetic or amusing than this! 

(The views expressed are the writer's own)

First Published:July 28, 2021, 10:55 p.m.

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