Four cartons of unauthorised RAT kits seized in Churachandpur

The four cartons contain 40 boxes each of 25 testing kits, totaling 4,000 testing kits.


Four cartons of unauthorised Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) kits were seized by Churachandpur police on Friday and the persons who carried the COVID-19 testing kits are kept in police custody, police sources said.

According to police, one ambulance bearing registration number AS01 AR 0835 was intercepted in front of Churachandpur College. While enquiring the two occupants of the vehicle, it was known that the consignment of RAT kits had already been unloaded somewhere in HQ Veng at the house of one Thangmuonsang, 35, son of Kampu of HQ Veng.

Later, the police team recovered four cartons of RAT kits from the residence of Thangmuonsang, it added.

It further said that the two occupants in the ambulance were identified as Okram Uday Singh alias Devson, 26, son of (Late) O Inao of Thoubal district and Sagolsem Umesh, 38, son of Sagolsem Manisana of Imphal West district. After inspection, the RAT kits were found to be STANDARD-Q COVID-19 Ag test kits manufactured by SD Biosensor Healthcare Pvt Ltd, Haryana. The four cartons contain 40 boxes each of 25 testing kits, totaling 4,000 testing kits.

As the individuals could not produce any documents or authorisation letter from the medical directorate or any other authority concerned, the police seized the articles under 102 CrPC. An intimation regarding the case has been forwarded to the DC and CMO of Churachandpur, said the police, adding that further investigation is ongoing on.


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First Published:July 16, 2021, 9:32 p.m.

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