Manipur yet to reach community transmission stage: Dr Mangang

Authorities are putting all possible efforts to ensure that community transmission does not take place, the health department spokesperson said.

Additional director, health directorate, Manipur, Dr Khoirom Sasheekumar Mangang on Thursday stated that the community transmission stage of COVID-19 has not reached in the state yet though the number of positive cases has crossed 1,000 mark.

Authorities are putting all possible efforts to ensure that community transmission does not take place; however, support and cooperation from the people is of utmost necessity in this regard, said Sasheekumar during a media sensitization workshop on COVID-19 held on Thursday at IMA Hall, Lamphelpat organised by directorate of Health.

Sasheekumar, who is also the spokesperson of the Health department, said that fortunately there has been no instance of community transmission occurring yet in the state. So far, only the returnees from other states of India and abroad are infected by the coronavirus.

He stated, “Initially, the people were extremely cautious and careful when the state had only two positive patients. But they are no longer serious or taking precautions despite COVID-19 cases are persistently increasing. The maximum population is not following preventive measures like wearing masks, staying at homes effectively. If this kind of easy-going attitude continues for a longer period of time, then we cannot guarantee that the state will not reach community transmission in the future.”

He said that since only the returnees are infected with COVID-19, the inmates at quarantine centres should strictly abide by the quarantine protocols effectively to contain the pandemic. They should not socialize among inmates as the true definition of the word ‘quarantine’ is to remain isolated for at least two weeks.

One of the experts, who attended the panel discussion, said that the issue concerning the long wait for COVID-19 test results would be addressed shortly. The number of stranded persons coming to the state is decreasing remarkably, the expert said while adding more testing kits will be available.

“The department has tested 43,477 samples till date and around 3,600 results are pending. Manipur could be one such state where testing for all the returnees is carried out. Issues will no longer be prevalent after a few days,” the experts added.

Other experts who attended the discussion also shared that most of the COVID-19 infected patients are youth. Out of total infected persons, 61 percent are between the ages 15-24 whereas 38 percent is between 25-59 years.

According to the status report of COVID-19 shared during the discussion, the cumulative number of COVID-19 cases is 1,056. Out of it, 702 are active while 354 persons have recovered. The recovery rate is 33.52. The discussion was attended by most of the health officials of the state who are actively involved in fighting against COVID-19 in the state.

First Published:June 25, 2020, 11:31 p.m.

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