TASO discusses prevailing situation of Tousem sub-division with Minister Awangbou Newmai

The minister assured to look into the matters highlighted by the Tousem Area Students' Organisation during the meeting on Friday.

The Tousem Area Students' Organisation (TASO) on Friday had a meeting with Environment Minister Awangbou Newmai at his residence to discuss the pending issues faced by people of Tousem sub-division for years.

During the meeting, TASO demanded the minister to take up the developmental works to be implemented at the earliest. The students' organisation appealed to Newmai to expedite the process of shifting the administrative office of the SDO to the headquarter, followed by setting up measures to initiate necessary administrative works at the headquarter without further delay.

TASO also highlighted the hardships faced by the people of the area due to the absence of banking facilities and inaccessibility of the internet in the area.

In response to the plight forwarded, the minister assured to find the possible means available to solve the problems.

While sharing the grievances about developing various infrastructures and to complete the ongoing developmental works at the headquarter at the earliest, Awangbou also assured to look into the matters and see that they are properly monitored and built satisfactorily.

The team further highlighted the necessity of the presence of police personnel in the headquarter to resolve various matters and demanded that the deputed personnel be stationed at their outpost.

While emphasising the importance of road connectivity between Tousem and Tamenglong, and Tousem and Kaiphundai, the minister gave his assurance to provide financial support and feasible means for repairing the defective areas and make the roads motorable within July, 2021 while the pending projects are pursued. 

First Published:July 3, 2021, 12:36 a.m.

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