Environmentalist gives out free tree saplings

Environmentalist Maibam Ningol Memma Devi had prepared tree saplings with only a few plants obtained from the Forest department.

Environmentalist Maibam Ningol Memma Devi from Wangjing Hodamba Maning Leikai is providing tree saplings free of cost and appealed for more plantations of trees.

Encouraging those who are interested in planting trees but facing difficulties in procuring tree saplings, the 68-year-old environmentalist said that with the beginning of Van Mohatsav week on Thursday, tree saplings are being planted all across the country and at various office complexes.

Memma said the majority of the tree saplings that she had planted were prepared by her with only a few plants obtained from the Forest department. She said that she would arrange free tree saplings for any individual or private organisations interested in planting trees at public places as a part of Van Mohatsav.

“Trees are beneficial for human beings and every other living organism on the planet. So, let us all join hands in developing forests, and it is only when trees are in abundance that epidemics and illnesses can be kept at bay,” she said.

Anyone interested in obtaining tree saplings may reach her at 8974773046, Memma Devi said.

First Published:July 2, 2021, 1:30 p.m.

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