AMUCO calls for unity on 20th Protest Day

The All Manipur United Club Organisation staged a sit-in protest at Kwakeithel Bazar in Imphal West on Monday.

(Photo: IFP)
The All Manipur United Club Organisation (AMUCO) observed the 20th Protest Day and staged a sit-in protest at Kwakeithel Bazar in Imphal West on Monday.
Maintaining COVID appropriate behaviours, several CSOs and Meira Paibi leaders of the state took part in the observances which mark the day when people of Manipur took a stand and opposed the Bangkok Declaration signed between the Central government and NSCN-IM on June 14, 2001, wherein the words "without territorial limits" were inserted.
On the day of signing the Bangkok Declaration, the people of Manipur under the aegis of AMUCO started raising a collective voice and took up a massive protest against the extension of cease fire agreement in the land of Manipur, said AMUCO preisent Pheiroijam Nando Luwang while addressing the gathering during the observance.
He said during the protest to safeguard the integrity and the sanctity of Manipur, many had lost their lives, many sustained injuries and their was unrest in the state for a long period.
However, the joint effort and unity among the people of Manipur during the massive protests had made the central government to remove the phrase "without territorial limits" from the agreement without even consulting the NSCN-IM and the NSCN-IM did not even raise their voice against it, he stated.
The president appealed to the people to remain alert to safeguard the integrity of Manipur.


First Published:June 14, 2021, 6:56 p.m.

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