Perspective of a working woman, a working mother, on the pandemic lockdown

This lockdown has not failed to teach us ‘self-love’. We all tend to care a little more, love ourselves a little more than usual.

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We all know and understand that the covid-19 outbreak has caused each and every one of us great problems, we are exposed to a whole new lifestyle where we have to stay within the closed doors of our rooms, facing great turmoil, chaos and what not. However, as a working mother, I would like to share some of my personal experience and ideas about the advantages this pandemic has, to offer us. The covid-19 surely have exposed us to worse circumstances that we might have not even imagined, but I believe there is something good in it.

Let us talk and think positive for a while, this society of ours is no doubt developing, gender roles have very little roles to play in our current society. Almost all the parents are working, in fact we can proudly say that most of the mothers are now ‘the working mother’.

Well, it is definitely a good thing, but we are so busy in our modern daily schedules that we barely have time for our so called ‘family’. Back when we were young, our ancestors used to tell us a lot of stories that has morals, that taught us great values. But unfortunately, millennials today are not that lucky to have the same fate we had, or is it the other way round?. Of course, I cannot compare our generation with today’s, it is no doubt more advanced and more developed, and we have to live by that. Kids today are reckless and practices free will, and I think there is nothing wrong in that, as long as they practice it in a good way. But as parents, as a mother, it is our duty to ensure that our child is practicing his/her free will in the right way. This lockdown has given us enough leisure, enough yet limited time to spend with our family, with our kids, to fulfil our role as a mother, to form that relationship, that special and unique bond with our children that life before lockdown has never offered us. It has offered us ‘the time’ that we mothers have always wanted, to talk some sense of morality into their children, to talk religion and its good values, to teach one’s child to live by the moral code and conduct of humanity. This time has helped us, mothers, to enhance and create a beautiful ‘home out of the house’.

Amid all of these, this lockdown has not failed to teach us ‘self-love’. We all tend to care a little more, love ourselves a little more than usual.

Last but not the least; it has given me not just the time but also the opportunity to love and to take care of my parents and in-laws, in a better way? No, in the best way I possibly could. At the end of the day when we look at things and circumstances from a broader, wider and more positive perspective, it all comes down to the proverb, “Whatever happens, happens for the best”. Let us all join our hands to make the best out of this time, to give a better future to our children, to love and to be loved and to make a living home out of the house, for “Time and tides wait for none”.

First Published:June 22, 2020, 1 a.m.

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