15 boxes of seized tobacco products disposed of in Churachandpur

The consignment was disposed of late Friday afternoon nearby Churachandpur Police Station.

A team of Churachandpur police and women police late Thursday night seized 15 cartons of tobaccos and gutkas worth more than Rs 5.5 lakh while frisking vehicles at Tiddim road in an operation led by the OC of Churachandpur Police Station inspector N Thangzamuan.

The consignment was disposed of late in the afternoon on Friday nearby Churachandpur Police Station.

The disposal work was led by SDPO Churachandpur Bijoy Kumar and OC Churachandpur Police station. SDPO Churachandpur said that they will continue to seize banned substances like tobacco products and appealed to the people to cooperate in their endeavours.

Meanwhile, today being the first day of the declared seven-day lockdown in Churachandpur due to COVID-19 second wave, very few people were seen in the street with essential service providers wrapping up their activity by 12 noon as ordered by the DC of Churachandpur on Thursday. Only pharmacies were seen to be open.

In regards to COVID-19 second wave, Churachandpur district on Friday witnessed 27 (14 Males and13 Females) new positive cases which was a positive note compared to the all time high of 42 positive cases on May 5 which in fact led to the order by the DC of Churachandpur for lockdown.

First Published:May 8, 2021, 12:27 p.m.

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