African Swine Flu in Nagaland's Phek district; pig farmers urged to report unusual dead of pigs

The general public in Nagaland has been requested to remain cautious and vigilant in view of the ASF outbreak in Phek district.

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The Deputy Commissioner of Phek district in Nagaland has notified to the general public of Phek district that the outbreak of African Swine Flu (ASF) has occurred in the district of Phek and Kiphire.

Hence, the general public has been requested to remain cautious and vigilant, and report any unusual mortality of domestic pigs and feral pigs to the Office of the Chief Veterinary Officer, Phek.

Furthermore, measures have been notified to the general public and pig farmers of the district to control and contain the spread of the contagious disease that it is highly infectious and contagious hemorrhagic viral disease of pigs and 100 per cent with no treatment and vaccine.

It also notified that control, containment, surveillance and following of bio-security measures are the only way to eradicate the disease.

The administration also notified that village councils, public, pig farmers are to report unusual dead of pigs to the nearest veterinary health centres immediately.

The Chief Veterinary Officer shall monitor the situation and create awareness to contain the spread of African Swine Flu.

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First Published:May 5, 2021, 8:22 a.m.

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