Delhi-based Assam journalists Kalyan Baruah, Anirban Bora succumb to COVID-19

Senior journalist Kalyan Baruah lost his wife Nilakshi Bhattacharya to COVID-19 on Thursday.

Anirban Bora (L), Kalyan Baruah

A day after his wife, Delhi-based Times of India journalist Nilakshi Bhattacharya died due to COVID-19, Kalyan Baruah, the Bureau Chief from Delhi of The Assam Tribune also succumbed to COVID-19 on Saturday morning, sources said.

Baruah passed away at a private hospital in Gurgaon, where he was admitted with his wife Nilakshi Bhattacharya, while undergoing treatment for COVID-19 at around 8:30 am, the sources said, adding that the couple is survived by a daughter.

Another Delhi-based Assam journalist Anirban Bora, who worked with The Economic Times in New Delhi died due to COVID-19 on Saturday. He was 42. 

Bora is survived by his wife and a son.

Meanwhile, the Press Club of India (PCI) extended its condolence over the deaths of the two journalists.

"The PCI, with a heavy heart, announces the passing of our MC member Kalyan Barooah. He was the Delhi correspondent of the Assam Tribune and was a regular face at the club. He was a philosopher & guide to generations of journalists from the Northeast, esp from his home state Assam," PCI said in a tweet.

"He breathed his last in a Gurgaon hospital, where he was admitted with his wife, TOI journalist Nilakshi Bhattacharyya. They leave behind a daughter, who is in our thoughts and prayers today. At this difficult time, the Club stands by his family," PCI tweeted.

"The PCI mourns the loss of Anirban Bora, illustrator with @EconomicTimes. He drew caricatures & designed the paper, and was an expert on regional cuisines.  about food He is survived by his wife and kid. He was 42. The PCI stands with his family in this trying time," PCI wrote.

According to a study by the Delhi-based Institute of Perception Studies, 101 journalists have succumbed to COVID-19 in India from April, 2020 to 28 April, 2021, of which 52 deaths were reported in April, 2021.


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First Published:May 1, 2021, 6:24 p.m.

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