20 quarantine centres in Ukhrul district declared containment zones

More than hundred returnees from Ukhrul district will complete 28 days of quarantine within the next few days but they are yet to get their COVID-19 test results.


In a span of two days, district Magistrate of Ukhrul, Joseph Pauline Kamsom declared 20 quarantine centres as ‘containment zones.’ In a previous order, six other quarantine centres were declared as containment zones. 

As 89 returnees tested positive for COVID-19 from Ukhrul district, the order stated, “It has become expedient to issue a containment measure to prevent the spread of the disease in the area.” 

“District administration machineries are failing. A structural collapse is about to occur and we are heading very soon towards community transmission," stated president of Tangkhul Mayar Ngala Long (TMNL), Somatai Machinao. 

Citing an example, he said that if A, B, C and D stay together in one room and are tested on date 1, the results would arrive on date 10. Between date 1-10, they have interacted with many others and even played together, stayed together and ate together. Now the result of A comes as positive, he said. “Now in this situation, we do not know who else he and his roommates might have infected. As for now, we are monitoring his roommates,” he added.

As the samples were collected a long time ago, the results of all the others have come negative, he said. And now they are sending them back to their village by declaring that they have tested negative. “Until there is retesting, we are just waiting for a bomb to explode. Retesting is the key,” added Somatai Machinao. 

Joseph Pauline added that till today, 4,990 have been discharged from various quarantine centres, including the institutional quarantine centres at Pettigrew College. Of the 4,669 samples sent for COVID-19 testing, the district has received test results for 3,145. There are seven suspected cases and a total of 6,723 have been screened till date, informed the chief medical officer Ukhrul.

More than hundred returnees from Ukhrul district will complete 28 days of quarantine within the next few days but they are yet to get their COVID-19 test results. Most of the returnees have completed the first 14-day quarantine period at community quarantine centre and are undergoing additional 14 days of quarantine as second phase at their village.

Since many of them will be completing their 28 day of quarantine tomorrow, there is already high apprehension within the community, including the returnees since they have not received their COVID-19 test results.

The containment zones are ADC quarantine centre, Hamleikhong, NK Higher Secondary School, Somdal quarantine centre, Chingjaroi CV quarantine centre, Namrei quarantine centre, Poi quarantine centre, Diet centre, Dungrei, Razai quarantine centre, Ngahui quarantine centre, Pharung quarantine centre, Sihai Khunou quarantine centre, Halang quarantine centre No.1, Halang quarantine centre No 2, Kahumtang quarantine centre, TM Kasom, quarantine centre, New Canaan quarantine centre, Shokvao quarantine centre, Paorei quarantine centre (Mumbai - Delhi Block), Patkai Christian Academy quarantine centre (Library Block), JNV Ramva quarantine centre (Block 5) and Chingai quarantine centre (SDO Quarter).

The other six quarantine centres which were already declared containment zones are Sacred Heart School, Hamleikhong, Khaivaren quarantine centre, Ukhrul Higher Secondary School, Wino Bazaar, Transit Camp, Hamleikhong, Chingai High School (Block A) and Talui Quarantine Centre informed CMO Ukhrul, Dr Kapangring Shimray.

Kamjong district has 12 active COVID-19 cases as of now, informed nodal officer of Kamjong, Mathanmi Hungyo. The two containment zones in Kamjong district are STNBA High School, Irong and Kamjong High School. 

First Published:June 20, 2020, 9:22 p.m.

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