CorCom pays homage to leaders on Khongjom Day

Although the British defeated Manipur at the Anglo-Manipur war of 1891 as a result of the internal disputes among the kings, history has shown that the forefathers were still united in their efforts to save Kangleipak (Manipur), CorCom stated.

On the occasion of Khongjom Day, 2021, the proscribed umbrella organisation Coordination Committee (CorCom) pays its revolutionary homage to the brave leaders who laid down their lives in protecting Manipur during the war for freedom waged against the mighty British.

The people of the state are well aware of how this small and fierce nation of Kangleipak (Manipur) which ruled independently at the western side of Southeast Asia, came under the British rule, a release issued by the publicity committee stated.

CorCom would like to deliberate on the question whether this cataclysmic event of Khongjom War 1981, which completely changed lives and shaped the future of the communities settled in Manipur, should be observed as a mere historical event, it stated. The fact that the leaders despite their shortages in arsenal and small in strength went to battle against a British army, by upholding the ideal that freedom and independence is more valuable than their lives, ought to be studied by the present generation and realise how their ultimate sacrifice provides answers to the many issues plaguing this society today, it added.

Manipur, despite its little population, was built as an independent nation by the hands of the forefather and leaders who defended its territories from multiple incursions and attacks from powerful neighbours along the line of history, the release stated. The creation of a nation that nested among the hills by its people whose every fibre of their being worships freedom, and having the ever willing attitude to die in defence in their independence, has been the National Character of the indigenous people of Manipur, CorCom stated.  The very essence of this National Character is to live by one’s own sweat, free of corruption, generosity, respectful to one’s own community and towards others, trustworthy and living a life without any dependence, it added.

Concerning the 1891 Khongjom War, it resulted after the British Imperialists, took over the Indian sub-continent, and started eyeing on the resources available to the Southeast Asian countries, particularly Myanmar and befriended Manipur, it mentioned. Taking advantage of the petty squabbles among the kings, it started interfering into the internal affairs of the kingdom and eventually posed a direct challenge to the nation’s independence, the release stated. Thus, the people of the state came out in unity at the battlefield where the British army attacked from three sides and thousands of fearless ancestors laid down their lives upholding the ideal that “Facing death is 100 times better than giving up our precious freedom,” it added.

The release further stated that following the end of 2nd WW by the middle of 20th century, imperialism came to an end and the British also gave up its colonies. But for Manipur, shortly after gaining independence from the British, it was forcefully merged into India on October 15, 1949, and has been existing as a colony of India ever since, it added.  

It further stated that after existing for the past 71 years as a colony of India, the people have become dead inside though they may appear to be living, from their outside appearance. By the efforts taken to subdue the social and cultural fabric of the people, capturing of their economy and forceful subjugation of all sectors by India, all National identity and Character of the people have become obliterated, it added. The communities have become narrow minded and grown selfish, it stated. Although the British defeated Manipur at the Anglo-Manipur war of 1891 as a result of the internal disputes among the kings, history has shown that the forefathers were still united in their efforts to save Kangleipak (Manipur), the release stated.      

Now in the 21st Century, despite having acquired so much knowledge and information, the present generation remains blissfully oblivious of the colonial tactics played by India, it added. The electoral politics of India has caused a division among the people, the release further stated, adding it has pushed the people to become self centred and indulge in corruption. Even during the time of COVID-19, the political class regardless of ruling or opposition, the minister and MLAs etc. have formed groups and made a battlefield out of the common people whom they considered as “votes,” it stated.      

Lastly, by considering the fact that Khongjom War was caused by internal disputes, Corcom calls upon the indigenous people of the state to become united and try to follow the steps of the forefathers, it added. 


Khongjom Day 2021: Governor, CM, ministers pay tributes to bravehearts of Manipur


First Published:April 23, 2021, 12:46 a.m.

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