‘Non-trans organisations should not use trans-community for their benefits’

Trans activist Shanta Khurai alleged that a non-trans organisation has been working for the trans community to collect benefits from various sources.

Shanta Khurai (Left)


Non-trans organisations should not interfere in the work of the trans-community for receiving funds, All Manipur Nupi Manbi Association (AMANA) secretary Shanta Khurai said. She appealed to them to focus on other issues such as unemployed youths and gender violence.

Shanta, who is a trans-activist, was speaking in a press conference held at the Manipur Press Club located at Majorkhul, Imphal West on Saturday.

Shanta alleged that a non-trans organisation has been working for the trans community in order to collect benefits from various sources. The group has been working for the trans-community to glorify its brand name, she added

She alleged various trans-community organisations led by transgender people have been working to bring welfare for the trans-community since decades in Manipur. Various organisations, including AMANA, Empowering Trans Ability (ETA), Maruploi and others led by the trans-community had been struggling in the harsh situation of the state in order to get the rights for the community, she said. However, the non-trans organisation is trying to gain popularity and get benefits by using the trans-community, she added.

The non-trans organisation is trying to take huge benefits from various sources by sending reports and proposals by indicating that the trans-community in Manipur has been suppressed, oppressed and exploited, Shanta alleged.

Shanta cautioned the non-trans organisation to refrain from using the trans-community as mere instruments for their own interest. If the said non-trans organisation wishes to contribute for the community, then they can focus solely on “LGBIQ” by leaving out the “T” as the state has already had a lot of resources for the transgenders, she said.

She welcomed the efforts in organising a queer event for the trans-community, saying “they should not claim that it has organised some events for the first time.” Various events are being organised by different organisations led by the trans-community and a sports event is going to be organised as well on next Saturday, Shanta added.

ETA president Oinam Hemabati alias Yambung also attended the press conference.


First Published:April 3, 2021, 11:40 p.m.

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