Assam Rifles Polo Club wins 1st Bishnupur District Polo Tournament

A total of five teams took part in the tournament.

Assam Rifles Polo Club lifted the champion trophy of the 1st Bishnupur District Polo Tournament 2021, defeating MN Sector CRPF Polo Team by a score line of 7-3 in the final match played on March 16, Tuesday at Kumbi Kangjeibung.

A release from office of Pony Care Centre, Kumbi stated the tournament was held from March 13-16, and it was jointly organised by Manipur Horse Riding and Polo Association, and Pony Care Centre, Kumbi.

A total of five teams, including Loijing Loya Konjeng Lairembi Polo Club, Bishnupur, Kwakta Polo Association, Kwakta, Manipur Nagaland Sector CRPF Polo Team, Assam Rifles Polo Club and Pony Care Centre, Kumbi took part in the tournament.

The final match was attended by advisor, MHRPA, Chourajit Singh, social worker, Shanjoy Ahanthem, former minister of culture, M Nara, honorary president MHRPA, H Deeleep Singh, principal, Huntre Equine and advisor, Pony Care Centre as president, chief guest and guests of honour respectively, it stated.

Later, M Nara presented gifts from the US Polo Association to the guests and Kumbi players, the release continued while also mentioning that the players are the results of training provided by a US Coaching Camp led by Edward Armstrong of American International Polo Federation.

First Published:March 20, 2021, 10:54 p.m.

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