Find out meaning of term ‘active member’ first: PREPAK (Pro)

By only considering that PREPAK (Pro) has been rebelling against the Government of India and making arrests is a wrongful act, senior publicity officer Melei stated.

Insurgent group PREPAK (Pro) on Sunday clarified that one H Nganba alias Abo of Wangkhei Thangapat Mapal is not an active member of the organisation while stating that the security forces ought to know the meaning of the term ‘active member’ and consider if anyone can be slapped with such charges.   

A release signed by senior publicity officer Melei stated that from the perspective of the Government of India, they have been declaring the revolutionary organisations as unlawful. In this regard, there are many individuals who criticise the government, and politicians who point out the causes of many issues in society. “Is the government going to label them as unlawful terrorists?” the release questioned.   

Although PREPAK (Pro) has been waging a ‘War of Independence,’ it considers that the issues of drugs, corruption, education and many social evils should not be sidelined.

Keeping a grasp of the current issues and their root causes, it takes help from the people for fulfilling the requirements needed to combat these issues, it stated. To be candid, it has been taking little amounts of help from businessmen and those who earn large incomes, the release added.   

At some parts, following the advice of intellectuals who study social issues, the organisation had made arrangements for de-addiction of several drug addicts, it added. In this regard, there are some who provided medicines and precautionary guidelines, the release stated while adding these people cannot be called active members of PREPAK (Pro). They should be rather considered as the ones who wish to heal this ailing society, it added.

An important point to be considered here is that doctors do not point who is at fault while performing their duties, it further stated. In the same manner, security forces should not consider those civilians who are doing righteous acts for the state as culpable, it added.

By only considering that PREPAK (Pro) has been rebelling against the Government of India and making arrests is a wrongful act, the release stated. That would not help in saving the society from the ailment which has been affecting all families, it added. It ought to be considered what initiatives the organisation, after seeking consultations from many people, has taken to better this ailing society instead of solely focussing that the organisation has taken up arms, it stated.   

It should be realised that those officers who had cleared Public Service Commission examinations need to deliberate on the activities of revolutionary organisations.  

First Published:March 14, 2021, 11:45 p.m.

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