Weightlifter Kh Sanjita Chanu cleared of false charges

"I want the International Weightlifting Federation to compensate for the damage done to my career," Commonweath gold medalist Sanjita Chanu said.

Weightlifter Kh Sanjita Chanu

Commonwealth gold medalist weightlifter Khumukcham Sanjita Chanu is on cloud nine as she is cleared of the false charges of using anabolic substance and contemplating suing the International Weightlifting Federation for wrongly implicating her and depriving her from International competitions.

“I am very happy that my name has been cleared from the false charges,” Sanjita Chanu said while welcoming the news.

Sanjita Chanu, who has been suspended from all competitions for the past two years, had been cleared by the International Weightlifting Federation as the charges proved to be false. The charges against the athlete were withdrawn and the case has been closed.

“I want the International Weightlifting Federation to compensate for the damage done to my career and deprivation of sporting activities it has caused for the last two years,” Sanjita said as she was given a clean chit.

Sanjita was charged by the United States Anti Doping Agency for using anabolic substances, during out of competition random sample collection in Las Vegas, prior to World Championship 2017 at Anaheim, USA in November.

However, the 26-year-old Commonwealth champion denied the charges and fought along with her family members and well-wishers, knocking every door, including the Indian Weightlifting Federation for Justice, until the final justification reached her on June 8, giving her a clean chit of all charges from IWF.

“I was sidelined for the last two years for no fault of mine. The false charges have left me traumatised as I have never done anything wrong or taken any banned substances. At one point of time, I was even thinking of taking fatal extreme steps as drug charges tarnish my hard work and commitment that I have made towards my cherished profession. But the support of my family provides me immense help to fight back,” Sanjita said.

The two-page statement made by Dr Lalli Sagi, IWF Legal Counsel, states based on the request of the athletes, the IWF made several reviews of the findings and referred the case to the Hearing Panel of the International Weightlifting Federation. The Hearing Panel also sought inputs from the athletes as well from the World Anti Doping Agency.

Later, the World Anti Doping Agency in its final wording recommended that 'out of fairness to the athletes, the case against her based on sample be closed'.

As per the recommendation, the International Weightlifting Federation has decided to withdraw the charges against Kh Sanjita Chanu based on the sample 159 90 00 and close the matter, the statement reads.

First Published:June 16, 2020, 9:33 p.m.

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