‘No one from Kshetrigao Block Congress Committee left party’

The Kshetrigao Block Congress Committee condemned the statement issued by some individuals for claiming that they were members of the committee.


The Kshetrigao Block Congress Committee on Thursday expressed strong condemnations against the statement issued by some individuals for claiming that they were members of the committee, and clarified that “their claims are baseless as they were not enrolled.”  

The block committee came across a statement published in some local dailies on Thursday, which said that the persons had left the committee when they were not members at all in the first place, said vice president of Kshetrigao Block Congress Committee M Biren Singh while speaking in a press meet held at the residence of former MLA Amin Shah of Kshetrigao assembly constituency in Kshetri Bengoon.

Their claims are totally baseless as the name of the persons who identified themselves as members of the block committee were not members at all, he said.

He said the news report also stated that more than 1,500 people who were part of the block committee will support another candidate of the Kshetrigao constituency namely Sheikh Noorul Hassan. But no one from the block committee has left the party, said M Biren.

One Hameda Begum who identified herself as general secretary of the Kshetrigao Block Congress Committee was not a member, Biren said.

Further, he said that some other persons like Md Janekhan, Soukat Ali, Mujibur Rahman were once block members but they left the party during the 17th assembly elections. “Therefore, no persons or members had left the block committee,” he said.

Noorul Hassan must stop spreading such nonsense and baseless reports through the media, he added. 

First Published:Feb. 5, 2021, 12:24 a.m.

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