ASUK, UPRFM announce total shutdown on Republic Day in Manipur

Matters related to faith, medical and emergency services are exempted from the purview of the total shutdown, a release stated.

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Militant groups in Manipur, including ASUK and UPRFM, have called for total shutdown all across the state on January 26 in opposition to the celebration of India's Republic Day.

The umbrella organisation ASUK announced in a release on Friday the imposition of 12-hour total shutdown from 6 am to 6 pm across the state has been on Republic Day.

Matters related to faith, medical and emergency services are exempted from the purview of the total shutdown.

The release was signed by ASUK convenor, publicity committee S Mangal. 

The ASUK stated in the release that January 26 is a gloomy day for the people of Manipur though India may rejoice.

Alledging that the arrival of RSS/BJP has brought in a "wave of neo-fascism", the release stated: "If a country moves towards fascism/neo-fascism from liberal democracy, this is not a sign of gaining strength but it only shows its own degeneration." This has been shown by the history of the world, it stated.

"Fascism comes like a storm and it follows ruins and devastation everywhere, and the people ought to deliberate on how long this country will last under its own neo-fascism," the release stated.  

ASUK also stated in the release that ever since the country was created, it was built on wrong foundations. "Though it came wearing the garb of peace and non-violence, all it did was the opposite while indulging in expansionism," it stated.

India was plagued by caste-ism, caste exploitation, Brahmanism, sectarianism, regionalism, regional disparity, racism, gender discrimination, landlordism, capitalism, crony capitalism, bonded labor, inequality, favoritism, red tape-ism, nepotism, religious fundamentalism, obscurantism, anti-scientism, corruption, misgovernance, miscarriage of justice," it added.
With the arrival of neo-liberal economic reforms after 1990, the country was further sickened by a cancer of corruption, ASUK stated.

When faced by such a situation, it is only natural for the mainland Indians to accept the arrival of neo-fascism in the country, it added. However, the cancer of corruption still grows in the country and wrongdoings are committed by the elite in their attempt to stay in power, ASUK stated.

It stated that their corrupted means has now become a weapon to subjugate the colonised people.

The media has been under their reigns while the judiciary dance on their tunes; opposition has gone into hiding and civil bodies no longer have spines. These matters have to be realised and it would be a grave mistake not to do so, the release stated.

If not active resistance, the people can still take up a passive resistance, ASUK added.

Meanwhile,  the United People’s Revolutionary Front of Manipur (UPRFM) also announced on Friday 18-hour general strike from midnight to 6 pm of January 26 all across the state,

The UPRFM stated in a release signed by its info and publicity secretary L Rolin stated that people who have lost independence, and suffering from the oppressions of colonialism have no reason to take part in the 72nd Republic Day celebrations. 

Imposing 18 hour general strike, it appealed to the public to cease work and stay at their homes to protest against the Republic Day. Emergency services, works related to religion and faith, and those working in the media will be exempted from the purview of the strike, it added. 



First Published:Jan. 23, 2021, 11:19 a.m.

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