Director in charge of KVIC-Manipur accused of misappropriating funds

The Kangleipak Kanba Lup has alleged that the director in charge has misappropriated Rs 69 lakh which was sanctioned for bee farmers.


The director in charge of Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC), Manipur Pramod D Ambedkar has been accused of misappropriating funds of KVIC by Kangleipak Kanba Lup (KKL) on Friday.

The director in charge has misappropriated Rs 69 lakh which was sanctioned for bee farmers as per the report of All Manipur Beekeepers Association, Imphal East, KKL general secretary Ngamkheingakpa Luwang said in a press conference held at Jupiter Yambem Centre.

According to the All Manipur Beekeepers Association, a sum of Rs 69 lakh was sanctioned only to Craft’s Development Promoter’s Organisation Ningomthong Kitna Panung Imphal for distribution of 2,000 bee boxes along with colonies and accessories at 200 numbers of beneficiaries of three different villages namely Mongjam village, Kameng village, Sandangkhong village, he said. On different dates of 2020 in March under KVIC Honey Mission, 11 bills were submitted, he added.

He said that the association has submitted a memorandum to the deputy CEO (Zonal), NEZ that considering the inaccurate and misleading information stated in the bill bodies, it is beyond reasonable doubt that there is misappropriation of funds by the state director, KVIC Imphal. The association has exposed his irresponsible nature of administration for taking appropriate action, he added.

KKL general secretary said that in 2020, the director-in-charge had issued 2,000 bee boxes when inquired but the distribution of bee boxes has not happened in reality.

KKL also alleged that PD Ambedkar took 50 per cent commission while releasing funds to bee farmers. Some clusters of bee farmers had already faced the brunt of not paying commission to him, he alleged.

He mentioned that one Sukadeva from Uripok filed a case to the vigilance office about the embezzlement of funds under Honey Mission implementation by the state director, Manipur. A huge amount of Rs 94.62 lakh under KVIC Honey Mission programme was fraudulently embezzled, he said.

Sukadeva has also applied for RTI but the reply from the director through RTI was completely manufactured to cover the errors he had committed, he said.  Sukadeva’s complaint stated that information on 250 numbers of beneficiaries, conducting awareness programmes and photographs provided by KVIC are all fakes.

KKL general secretary said that the director in charge had filed a report to DGP, Manipur and zonal office stating that members of underground groups came to him enquiring about KVIC. As per the report, KKL members were interrogated by the City police on October 30, 2020, he said.

He said that KKL is not the only organisation which is alleging the director in charge for misappropriation of funds; there are many beneficiaries who can prove the wrongdoings of the director in charge. KKL will not tolerate further and demand for CBI enquiry against him, Luwang added.

First Published:Jan. 22, 2021, 10:17 p.m.

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