UNC demands immediate withdrawal of the term 'cabinet meeting at Kamjong on January 15, 2021' from cabinet records

The UNC cautioned that it will take its "own course of action" if the Manipur government fails to do so.

United Naga Council (UNC) demanded immediate “withdrawal and roll back” of the term “cabinet meeting at Kamjong on January 15, 2021" from the government’s cabinet record(s) at the earliest. The UNC cautioned that it will take its "own course of action" if the Manipur government fails to do so.

Following the recent Manipur cabinet meeting held at Kamjong, a "presidential council" meeting was convened by UNC on January 18, according to UNC. It was a meeting where all the presidents of UNC federating bodies (tribe bodies) had participated. Former UNC presidents, executives of All Naga Students' Association, Manipur (ANSAM), Naga Women Union (NWU) and NPMHR (South) also participated in the meeting, according to the UNC.

The following points on the district creation issue were read out during the UNC "presidential council meeting" and approved to be issued as a press statement.

The statement recalled that the Manipur government and the Naga people had signed the four Memorandum of Understanding (MoUs) on December 14, 1981, November 11, 1992, September 27, 1996 and June 23, 1998 and later on, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), Government of India, came in to intervene on November 24, 2011 that Naga people would be consulted in respect of new district creation.

The statement also said that Naga people had imposed 139 days of economic blockade as the Manipur government had failed to uphold the above MoUs in letter and spirit and forcefully created seven new districts on December 8, 2016 against the wishes of the Naga people by the then Congress regime. "Aftermath of the imposed creation, several rounds of tripartite talks were held among the Government of India, Government of Manipur and United Naga Council (UNC) to settle the issue of seven new district creation but it still remains unsettled," it added.

According to the statement, United Naga Council (UNC) had issued repeated "reminders and words" to the state BJP-led government not to provide and undermine the sentiment of the Naga people, particularly with regard to the newly created seven "imposed district issue" as the issue is still lying pending with the tripartite talk being suspended till date. The last round of tripartite talk was scheduled for July 10, 2019 "but due to the request of the Government of India to the office of the UNC for further deferment and since then, the UNC has kept it in abeyance to avoid creation of problems and inconveniences to the public," it added.

However, the statement said that the recently held cabinet meeting at Kamjong in the pretext/guise of “Go to Village or Go to Hill” mission on January 15, 2021 has been a Trojan Horse to the people’s land, identity and history. It also said that when the state government proposed to go to Kamjong for a cabinet meeting on December 16, 2020, the UNC sent a signal that it would oppose and "they" complied. "A popular government deceiving its citizens and people is an act of treachery and a serious crime," said the statement. UNC then said it will not tolerate any such mischievous designs at any cost.

"Therefore, the UNC demands immediate 'withdrawal and roll back' of the term 'cabinet meeting at Kamjong on January 15, 2021'  from the government’s cabinet record(s) at the earliest and failing to do so, the UNC will take its own course of action," UNC cautioned.

First Published:Jan. 19, 2021, 11:41 p.m.

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