Connection Over Covid: Artists lit up empty spaces with beautiful landscapes of Manipur

The exhibited paintings are a yearlong effort, starting from pre COVID period, artist Satyabrata Hijam.


Different landscapes of Manipur painted by four contemporary artists of the state during and before the pandemic were exhibited under the theme ‘Connection’ at Imphal Art College gallery on Sunday.

Taking advantage of the empty places during the pandemic, the artists visited different places and made on the spot paintings of landscapes.

Speaking to the Imphal Free Press, artist Satyabrata Hijam said empty places are perfect places for the artists since they can get a good view of the landscape. He said that the exhibition is a combined effort of four contemporary artists Golmei Gandumpu, Sanajaoba Tensubam, Bubhaneshwor Soram and Satya Hijam.

Manipur Artists lit up empty spaces


The exhibited paintings are a yearlong effort, starting from pre COVID period, he said while adding that they put masks and sanitisers in their hands and went to the spot they chose for the day. Satyabrata said that they manage to produce remarkable paintings and added that they struggle to get necessary materials from the shops due to the lockdown.

Manipur Artists


The artists also said that they have to rely on commonly found items in winter such as charcoal for few of their drawings. Regarding the theme ‘connection’ he said that it means the connection of the artists and their connection to nature as well. Satyabrata said that they choose acrylic colours for their paintings since the colour dries faster than other colours.

First Published:Jan. 18, 2021, 4:11 p.m.

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