Coronavirus: Nagas in Manipur show solidarity with China at Lui-Ngai-Ni festival in Ukhrul

Guru Rewben Mashangva enthralled the congregation with a special number, “China be strong, be strong Wuhan”.

Popular musician Guru Rewben Mashangva performs at Lui-Ngai-Ni (PHOTO: IFP)

As the coronavirus death toll in China continues to rise, Nagas in Manipur on Saturday showed solidarity with the people of China at the celebration of the annual seed sowing festival- Lui-Ngai-Ni in Ukhrul.

Popular musician Guru Rewben Mashangva performed at the festival and enthralled the congregation of over 2,000 Nagas on the last day of the seed sowing festival, with a special number, “China be strong, be strong Wuhan”. The song was composed by the singer to show solidarity with the people of Wuhan, China, the epicentre of the deadly novel coronavirus outbreak.

Mashangva belted out the song “China be strong, be strong Wuhan” penned by Ngachonmi Chamroy, while youths hold placards that read “STAY STRONG CHINA WE ARE WITH YOU”, “STAY STRONG WUHAN WE ARE WITH YOU”. Choir members dressed in their traditional attires and musical equipment added charm to the heartwarming number.

The lyrics of the song:

On the empty streets of Wuhan
Fear and despair roam
Wearing the face of Coronavirus today.
Heartache and pain
You have been through before.
Your extant culture to endure and overcome will see you through again.
We are with you ancient world.
China be strong
Be strong Wuhan.
Ithum nala seiha samidalei (In Tangkhul language meaning we are praying for you all)
Ameekhan pi prarthana kuriteyashe (In Nagamese creole language meaning we are praying for you all)

Over a thousand health workers have been infected by the coronavirus and at least six of them succumbed to it while over 67,000 confirmed cases have been infected by the virus and the death toll has crossed 1,500 worldwide, mainly from mainland China, according to reports.

Lui-ngai-ni is celebrated annually by the Naga tribes of Manipur during the onset of spring, signifying the propitious time for seed sowing. Lui- Ngai- Ni 2020 was hosted by Tangkhul Naga Long (TNL) under the theme “Oneness through culture” on February 14 and 15. It was organised by the State Level Organising Committee (SLOC) under the aegis of the United Naga Council (UNC).

First Published:May 21, 2020, 4:54 p.m.

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