Rape Case: JAC demands legal action against culprit by December 15

Spokesperson of the JAC Dijen Nongthombam said that the incident of rape and attempt to murder happened on November 19.

Image: IFP_Bishworjit Mandengbam

The Joint Action Committee (JAC) against rape and attempt to murder of woman from Tangkham Awang Leikai has expressed its discontentment towards the authority concerned for delay in taking action in the case. It strongly appealed to take up legal procedure against the culprit by December 15.

In a press meet held at Manipur Press Club on Monday, spokesperson of the JAC, Dijen Nongthombam said that the incident of rape and attempt to murder happened on November 19. However, the state government has not started any legal procedure to punish the culprit except for keeping him in jail as under trial.

He said that SP of Imphal East, OC of Women Police and IO of the case have given verbal assurance this morning to the JAC that the charge-sheet of the case will be submitted on December 15. As the incident happened almost 20 days ago, there should not be any more delay in taking action against the accused person. If the assurance is not translated into action on or before December 15, the JAC will launch agitation in association with civil voluntary organisations and women’s organisations, he added.

Recalling the incident, Dijen said that the victim was called out by accused person Chandam Rabichandra from Uyumpok Awang Leikai on November 19 evening with the false promise to elope with her. Then Rabichandra allegedly raped the victim and beat her up until she became unconscious and later dumped at a powerhouse, thinking that she was dead. The next morning, people found the victim and she was immediately rushed to a hospital for treatment, he added. He further stated that since then JAC was formed and has been demanding to punish the accused and provide compensation to the victim.

The state government has not taken up any legal action to punish the accused and the JAC strongly condemned the irresponsible act, Dijen said.

First Published:Dec. 7, 2020, 11:26 p.m.

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