KSA observes 15th foundation day

KSA stressed upon health, education and agriculture as the main focus areas

The observance ceremony of 15th foundation day of Kangleipak Students’ Association (KSA) was held at Manipur College, Singjamei on Friday.

KSA president Ningthoujam Chetan who attended as president of the function said that the association gives due importance to health, education and agriculture as they consider these sectors most important in sustaining life in society.

He further said that proper education would help in generating human resources by promoting life skills. As such, the authority concerned should emphasis on imparting quality education which is suitable to the changing times.

“The definition of education is very broad and dynamic. It keeps on changing with the change of society. Therefore, it is highly important to provide training to people who are working in the teaching profession. Otherwise, the knowledge and skills would become stagnant,” he said while appealing to the authority concerned to provide proper training on teachers’ education from time to time.

He also suggested for setting up a well-equipped teachers training institutes in the state. While mentioning about the condition of higher education system in the state, he said that there is no inclusion of any new department even in premier colleges. The colleges have the same department which was set up 15-20 years ago. In the colleges, the state government should consider opening new courses which other states of India have already started learning.

He also said that agriculture is the mainstay of the state; however, the state government has been unable to provide proper irrigation facilities.

The chief guest of today’s function, commissioner of higher and technical education M Harekrishna said that knowing the objective of education is very important.

Education is not all about just getting good jobs but it should also able to provide ethical thinking and enable an individual to differentiate between right or wrong, and good and bad.

He also mentioned that education must be dynamic and change its definition with the change of society. People should be able to go with the flow in accordance to its changes, he said.

National and international awardee, H Ibotombi Khuman also attended the function as guest of honour.

First Published:Nov. 28, 2020, 8:46 a.m.

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