Me and the environment - are we doing enough?

In the real world an animal never is as brutal and cold as man.

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When we, the humans behave in a way that is not appropriate to our human behaviour, it is often said, please do not act like an animal or you are becoming an animal. Is it the right expression to be used from the dictionary that man has written in the present day? Perhaps, it will be a big no. Yes, we have evolved and developed ourselves and our surroundings in a much faster rate than our counterpart, rest of the species will ever achieved. Man advanced so quick compared to the rest species on the Earth that during the journey man left everything so far behind. The technological innovations, the newest inventions and the discoveries made Earth a place that man have always dreamt about to sustain its own species. We have come so far alone on this journey that we have forgotten how to co-exist today.

It is heart wrenching to see that each and every other species than man on this planet today has to fight for their own survival. Though, when you do something that a man shouldn’t be doing, you are called an animal, but in the real world an animal never is as brutal and cold as man. No other species on Earth destroys its own habitat or the home they chose to dwell on like man does. It is not in the nature of the animal to kill for fun all the time, to hunt after the stomach is full, to destroy other species home like man does, to poison other species like man, to torture just because one can, and to make life more miserable for other species just because you are the powerful being. In the race to achieve more and to make it better for today and tomorrow, man ended up destroying its very own home. There is no a place left on Earth that has not seen pollution, contamination, destruction, annihilation, ruin, degradation or devastation. There is no species left on earth that is not threatened by man.

Yes, we are the stronger being, mentally. We can manipulate our environment like no other species have ever achieved in doing so. But, there is a saying; with great power comes greater responsibility. If you are the strongest of all, does not that eventually hint you to be the most accepting by your heart to others? What have we done to this planet is a sad story that we will regret to tell tomorrow. Of course, yes, there is goodness in man, there is kindness, there is acceptance, there is love, there is nurture, there is protection, there is warmth, and there is empathy. However, today there is more axe lift up for the tree than a hug going for the tree. There is more of ignorance in valuing other species than try knowing all the species. There is more hate than the love it deserves, by our co habiting species.

Few days back, there was an incident of a pregnant elephant fed with a pineapple full of crackers, in the state of Kerala. What was the fault of the animal, the elephant? I wouldn’t say she was unfortunate to trust the man, instead I will say that we are the unfortunate being, who even after being the superior evolved species according to ourselves haven’t learned in our life how to accept life in all forms. Yes, it is sad we are so cold hearted, we are so mentally far a cultureless organism, and we are so human. Man, is it possible to live a day on this Earth after we remove all the remaining species, up to the last one? Yes, we are so proud because we are born as Homo sapiens, but is it the real proud moment that we should be celebrating being a human today, when our environment is dying, and all the other species have to fight just to survive every day because of our deeds?

May be being a man was more a proud moment as compared to being any other species, one day back in the past, but the same cannot be said today. June 5 was observed with lots of hope and dream to make our planet Earth better, But, are we doing enough? Are you doing enough? Am I doing enough? Isn’t this the question we, each and every individual should be asking ourselves today? Give man the power and you will know the realness of the man, which is the saying. Yes, power is given to us, the humans, and yes we have destroyed, destroying and going to destroy more tomorrow. Yes, there is good in all of us, we can do better, we can be better, we can be more understanding, and we can show more care. Hey man, isn’t this the right time to use our power for the responsibility we are endowed upon, being the greatest being today?

First Published:June 7, 2020, 10:04 p.m.

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